Released on 2020-07-29

API changes

  • CreateEncryptionSession now takes *EncryptionOptions instead of two arrays.
  • EncryptionOptions must now be constructed with NewEncryptionOptions. Failure to do so will result in the ShareWithSelf options being disabled.
  • EncryptionOptions.Recipients was renamed to EncryptionOptions.ShareWithUsers
  • EncryptionOptions.Groups was renamed to EncryptionOptions.ShareWithGroups
  • EncryptionOptions now has a ShareWithSelf option
  • Share now takes a SharingOptions struct that must be constructed with NewSharingOptions


Released on 2020-07-03

  • Internal improvements
  • Update dependencies


Released on 2020-06-05

Encryption sessions

The encryption sessions feature is now generally available. This allows you to encrypt multiple resources with a reduced number of keys. This guide will help you getting started.

API changes

  • EncryptOptions has been renamed to EncryptionOptions


Released on 2020-03-26

  • Fix possible crash on session start


Released on 2020-03-17.

  • Fix possible crash on exit
  • Internal improvements


Released on 2020-03-11.

  • Add the PrehashPassword function
  • Some APIs now return a ErrorConflict error if there was a concurrent operation made by another device on the server.


Released on 2020-01-23.

Simplify revocation handling in Tanker apps. Now, calling any encryption method on Tanker while the device is revoked will throw a new ErrorDeviceRevoked exception and close the session.


Released on 2019-11-05.

First stable version of the Golang client SDK