Tanker is a platform as a service that allows you to easily protect your users' data with end-to-end encryption through a SDK. It includes:

  • a Server side identity management SDK to link the users of your application with Tanker users;
  • a Client SDK to encrypt and decrypt resources in your web, mobile, and desktop applications, and safely share them between users and their devices (mobile phones, desktop applications, and web browsers).

Get started

To start using Tanker, you can follow one of our tutorials:

How to guides

To solve a specific issue, have a look at our series of guides:

API reference

This section provides detailed information for each of Tanker's classes and methods such as type information, expected parameters, and errors.

Core API

FileKit API

Identity API

Fake authentication API

Verification UI

Email verification

Going further

To dive deep into the technical details you can have a look at our technical specification. Our source code is also available on github.