FileKit is based on our end-to-end encryption solution, Core.

What can I do with Core?

While FileKit only allows for file upload and download, Core has a lot more features.

By using Core, you can encrypt any data in your application. This could be users' notes, messages, bank information, or any other sensitive data you app may manipulate.

You can also manage user groups for easier sharing of resources with several recipients and use different identity verification strategies.


Core is 100% compatible with FileKit. It shares the same app ID and app secret, and the identities can also be used with both Core and FileKit.

Verifying a user's identity on a given device with either FileKit or Core will also verify it for the other. No need to verify the user's identity twice.


The Core documentation can be found here.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you plan on integrating Core in your application. We would be happy to help!