FileKit is an end-to-end encrypted file storage service for apps.

FileKit transfers and stores files in the cloud. The files are encrypted in the browser before being uploaded, and can be downloaded only by the owner and recipients, completely transparently.

Get started

To start using FileKit, please follow our file transfer tutorial.

You can also take a look at our series of guides to find what you need:

API Reference

Alternatively, dive right in the API documentation:

How it works

Files are encrypted locally by FileKit. They are then uploaded to FileKit's cloud storage. The encryption keys are shared through Tanker servers and distributed to their intended recipients.

Tanker cannot read the contents of encrypted files, and only sees encrypted data and encrypted keys. Only the intended recipient(s) can access the files.

To learn more about how FileKit works and what happens behind the scenes, read the FAQ.

Going further with Core

FileKit is based on our end-to-end encryption solution, Core. By using it, you can encrypt any data in your application.

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