Tanker is a platform as a service that allows you to easily protect your users' data with end-to-end encryption through a SDK. It includes:

  • a Server SDK to link the users of your application with Tanker users;
  • a Client SDK to encrypt and decrypt resources in your web and mobile applications, and safely share them between users and their devices (mobile phones and web browsers).

Have a quick look

Eager to see Tanker in action and get a grasp of the code powering it?

You'll have plenty of time to continue reading this guide afterwards, but for now, just go to the Tanker Quickstart Examples repository on GitHub and follow the instructions in the readme.

Quickstart Examples 

Further learning

The rest of the documentation targets a technical audience (developers, product designers, security experts...) looking for thorough explanations about the Tanker SDK and detailed overviews of the APIs exposed in the SDK.

Read on the guide for the step-by-step introduction to securing an app with Tanker.

Read the API documentation to dive in head first.

Want to know how it works under the hood? Check out the technical spec on GitHub.


API Documentation

Available platforms

The Tanker Server SDK has so far been made available in JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and Go. If the language your server is written in is not supported yet, please contact us at contact@tanker.io.

The Tanker Client SDK is currently available in the following languages:

Most code examples you'll see in this guide represent client-side code using the Client SDK, because it's where all the end-to-end encryption magic happens ;)

To change between the different Client SDK languages, use the dropdown menu at the top of the navigation menu.